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Buka About us

BUKA’s vision statement

We envision a world, where every room is adorned and enlivened with uniquely functional, modular and well-designed furniture.

BUKA’s mission statement

We offer surprisingly adaptive, amazingly inter-changable and stunningly well-designed furniture solutions for every budget and every room.

Buka Sofa Quality Design Consistency Affordability

Buka brand takes its name from the turkish word “bukalemun” which means “chameleon” in english. Buka sofas give the opportunity to change covers As simple as the chameleons can change their color.

“Adaptation to home environment” concept allows the user to have different options, flexibility in choices and opportunity of change. The elements such as reliability, simplicity, functionality and design function as the main values that buka collections offer. The main idea is based on “making quality furniture accessible for everyone”.