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Bağımsız Çubuklu LVDT - SDVG

Ölçüm Boyunu Seçin (mm)



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    The DC-LVDT performs excellently from a single-ended 9-28 DC power supply, output standard signal of 0-5 DC or 4-20 mA to be identified by computer or PLC. The integrated circuit is hermetically sealed in SUS 304 stainless steel sleeve, ensure that the sensors keep working accurately and reliably in severe environment of damp, dust and corrosion.


    ·        Diameter Φ20mm, SUS 304, core-seperated.

    ·        Operated from single-ended, DC supply, built-in excellent signal demodulator

    ·        Output voltage 0-5V or 0-10V(3 wire), output current 4-20 mA (2 wire)

    ·        Standard range from 1mm-50mm, high resolution, excellent repeatability

    ·        Non-contact operation, long life


     Katalog / Data Sheet (PDF Link)





    Input Voltage

    DC 9V-28V, AC 5V

    Input Current

    ≤10mA (Voltage output type)

    input current

    4-20mA (2 wire, Current output type)

    Measuring Stroke

    0~2.5mm to 0~500mm Wide Selection of Measurement Range

    Output Signal

    0.5-4.5VDC( 5V DC input voltage )

    0-5VDC( 9V-28V DC input voltage)

    0-10VDC( 15V-28V DC input voltage )

    4-20 mA( 2 wire, 15V-28V DC input voltage)


    Ripple Less than 15mVrms or 25 μ Arms


    Linearity ±0.25%, ±0.5% optional


    Repeatability 0.01% of FS

    Operating Temperature

    Operating Temperature -2 5 ~ +85

    Thermal Coefficient of Scale Factor

    Null point≤0.01%/




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